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Thelma Pepper Anna and Chen-Xi, 1989 1990 41.80cm x 40.30cm
Thelma Pepper Anna and her brother John visit the Family Farm, 1989 1990 20.10cm x 25.10cm
Thelma Pepper Anna in her Kitchen, 1989 1990 29.20cm x 111.00cm
Thelma Pepper Anna Returns to House Barn, 1989 1990 cm x cm
Thelma Pepper Anna the Kindergarten Teacher, 1989 1990 29.20cm x 27.60cm
Thelma Pepper Anna with the Family Samovar, 1989 1990 21.20cm x 20.00cm
Thelma Pepper Anna's Home for Fifty Years, 1989 1990 cm x cm
Thelma Pepper Decades of Voices: Anna Willms 1989 cm x cm
Thelma Pepper Laura and Mrs. Roth, Lutheran Sunset Home 1985 17.10cm x 13.80cm

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