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Tom O'Flanagan Across The Gulf,
Waves Attend You
And They Dance.
Time Keeps Pace
WithYour Longing
And The Necessary Spirits
Are Hopeful
Are Watchful
AsYou Voyage
Through The Trackless
Vastness of Home.
1986 323.00cm x 107.00cm
Tom O'Flanagan Circularity
In the Wake Of Storm
A haunting Red Appears.
Listen To theVoice:
Spirits Keen and Wail.

Rising Above land And Water,
I Close My Eyes.
I See Myself Light As Air,
Crossing the Bering Straight.
1988 222.50cm x 179.00cm
Tom O'Flanagan Devins Arch 1980 56.50cm x 43.00cm
Tom O'Flanagan Yansa, Lake and Loon: I Emerged from a Night of Dreaming 1985 251.00cm x 122.00cm

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