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Ted Godwin A Tartan for Winter 1970 203.20cm x 198.10cm
Ted Godwin Beaver Pond-Kananaskis Road 50.70cm x 66.00cm
Ted Godwin Dying Orchid 42.80cm x 71.20cm
Ted Godwin Fall on the Crowsnest 19.80cm x 26.50cm
Ted Godwin Kananaskis Fall 22.70cm x 29.80cm
Ted Godwin Near Banff 1981 73.40cm x 53.80cm
Ted Godwin Said the Spider to the Fly 1965 208.00cm x 166.40cm
Ted Godwin Sunday Morning Breakfast (Tartan Follies) 1967 66.00cm x 50.80cm
Ted Godwin Tartan Move 1970 37.00cm x 51.30cm
Ted Godwin Untitled 51.30cm x 59.40cm
Ted Godwin Winter Starlite - Woodland Starbrite 1975 188.00cm x 198.70cm

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