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anonymous Bag 1966 32.00cm x 12.90cm
anonymous Basket 1958 7.60cm x 29.50cm
anonymous Basket 1966 12.10cm x 33.50cm
anonymous Basket 1966 12.00cm x 29.50cm
anonymous Basket 1960 21.00cm x 24.50cm
anonymous Basket 1966 26.40cm x 38.70cm
anonymous Bearskin Rug 1967 168.00cm x 127.50cm
anonymous Belt 1966 84.30cm x 4.20cm
anonymous Belt 1972 179.00cm x 5.20cm
anonymous Box 1966 4.90cm x 9.40cm
anonymous Candle Holder 1955 4.40cm x 12.90cm
anonymous Change Purse 1966 8.20cm x 2.40cm
anonymous Cribbage Board 1955 3.70cm x 9.50cm
anonymous Embroidery 1955 40.00cm x 61.50cm
anonymous Embroidery 1955 34.00cm x 21.50cm
anonymous Embroidery 1955 28.50cm x 40.00cm
anonymous Embroidery 1955 27.30cm x 40.60cm
anonymous Hand Bag 1955 25.40cm x 40.60cm
anonymous Knife 1955 17.00cm x 1.80cm
anonymous Knife 1955 18.00cm x 2.00cm

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