Thelma Pepper Canadian b. 1920

Anna with the Family Samovar, 1989

silver print
21.2 x 20.0 cm

Saskatchewan Arts Board Permanent Collection
Gift of the artist

About the work DECADES OF VOICES SAKATCHEWAN PIONEER WOMEN "She openeth her mouth with wisdom
and her tongue is the law of kindness" -Proverbs 31:26 This exhibition portrays through photographs, script and an audio component, the lives and contributions of a few pioneer women of Saskatchewan, all of whom are over 85 years of age. These pioneer women experienced unbelievable hardships during the early days of building this country. I wish to honour these "ordinary women" of Saskatchewan who carried much of the responsibility of the day-to-day survival of the family and the building of a strong country but stayed in the background while the men received most of the credit. Today these pioneers are often regarded as unimportant, seperate from our society, their knowledge out of date and their interests irrelevant to what is happening now. I find just the opposite to be true. They are knowledgable and up to date on current affairs, express intelligent comments regarding today's problems and are still capable of making a real contribution to today's society. During the past 7-8 years, as a volunteer story reader at the Lutheran Sunset Home in Saskatoon, I have come to know several of the women featured in this exhibition. I was especially interested in learning the values their parents instilled in them, what they felt was important in bringing up their own children and, finally, did they feel fulfilled in their own lives. As I got to know them I admired their qualities of love, kindness and unselfishness and their commitment to a way of life they thought was important. Knowing them and listening to their stories has strengthened my belief in my own values. -THELMA PEPPER
Subject RURAL