Gukki Moller Danish b. 1966

Between Two Cultures #1

clay, underglaze, glaze
15.5 x 34.6 x 20.5 cm

Saskatchewan Arts Board Permanent Collection
Gift of the artist

About the work "As soon as I started working with clay, I was hooked. Clay is my passion. Sometimes I would work 24 hours a day. It's something I need to do, like you have to eat. I'd like it if I could survive doing it- that would be nice. I needed to go to a different country, a third country (Canada) to find out how to marry these two cultures (Greenlandic and Danish) together. There is that duality that I've been able to, lately, put into my pieces. I hope I've been able to give back a little of what people have given me here. I hope I've been able to give Saskatchewan a little bit back with my pieces." "The work is about himself, says Moeller" - The Prince Albert Herald, 1997 July 28
Object Name VESSEL