June E. McClintick Canadian b. 1955


oil stick, acrylic, metal leaf on paper
28.2 x 38.1 cm

Saskatchewan Arts Board Permanent Collection

About the work For the past three years, muchof my work has taken the form of an ongoing series of paintings in which I examine non-traditional concepts of home in an increasingly mobile society. In the exhibition "Dwellings Revisited", which comprises the most recent part of the series, I continue to focus on notions of location and transistion. The source material for these images is drawn from a synthesis of personal history and stories about events in the lives of people who, through occupational choices or for myriad other reasons, must occupy and learn to adapt to a series of temporary "homes". While some of the paintings are a celebration of the renewal of relocation - anticipation, and excitement, a holiday atmosphere, the delights of discovery, and unexpected (and frequently humourous) misadventures -- I have also attempted to express the more difficult aspects of change: the painful loss of friends and community, overwhelming exhaustion, and intervals in intense isolation. June E. McClintick August 1995
Object Name PAINTING